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Having fun in a car
Posted by christelle  [ May 14 2008 08:21 ]
Having fun in a car Part 1 :

BOOM! “I’ve got your back dude! Take out that alien scum!” “10.4 good buddy!”

“Damnit Joey turn off that crap…you’re too old for that shit”

Ugh… brothers I swear….anyway…hay my names Jason, I’m a 21 year old drop out…been busy with my band trying to make it big and stuff…just recently broke up with my girlfriend Sarah…she said she wanted to be a slut so I dumped her like no tomorrow.
I live with my younger brother and my dad my mother died in a car accident a long time ago…my father seems happy now and I don’t understand why…but what ever

“Hay Squirt I said turn off that shit before I beat your ass” Jason says to his younger bro

I swear…look at him just sitting there eating cereal watching Independence Day…over and over he’s got no life…

“Hay! Did you hear me Damnit?” Jason tries repeating himself

“Yeah! Yeah! Now go away” his younger brother says swinging his arm at him

Fine fuck that little shit….anyway…I got to get ready I have this big gig at this restaurant later today might earn our band some cash so I can get going with my life and move out of this dump

“Hay dad! I’m leavening got to meet my buddies! “Jason says while heading out the door into his shitty v6 stick shift white neon

*As Jason heads to the restaurant he stops by his friends place and helps load some of the guitars and shit into the back*

“Common! Were going to be late! Get in” Jason says while re-starting his car and popping it into gear

Damn….were going to be late I know it…

*they head over to the restaurant and rush toward the little corner barley any room for anything as they unpack Jason notices the most beautiful women he’s ever seen…she’s got to be at least 5’9, 36c breasts and an ass you can just squeeze all day*

Holy shit! Look at her wow…I hope she’s staying for my performance…I’d really like to get to know that one…

*as the night passes by and Jason finishes up singing his last slow song the he notices the girl in the far girl watching with a smile he notices she starts waveing and he nearly chocks and she starts giggling at him, as the song ends and he starts packing up and his friend collecting their pay she walks up to him*

“Hay…you sing real well where you from?” The Women says

“Oh I live around here how about you?” Jason says Blushing

Damn I hope I don’t fuck it up…im blushing oh shit im blushing!

“That’s cool, I go to a college around here…I was wondering if you would like to come and hang out with me and my girlfriends were having a going home party because were leaving in a week and we could use a hot singer like your self at our party…sexy”

ho..Holy shit she thinks im sexy I..shit

“I..i’d to come! What t…time?” Jason says blushing and stuttering greatly

“He he, great! 9:00 tonight! By the way my names Katie what about you?” Katie says Giggling to his stuttering

“My names j..jason! ill be there!” Jason says while she gives him a big hug and walks out with her family

Wow…she hugged me…I hope she likes me i wonder what time it is

“FUCK!” Jason says out loud on accident looking at his watch

Shit its 7:30 I got to get home and freshen up before the party I look like a mess!

*Jason quickly packs up his stuff and drags Nate his buddy long and gets them both in the car and quickly drives to his house and drops him off*

“Thanks dude! Got to go, have a party to hit off too” Jason says while backing up quickly

“Hay! What about me!” Nate says while Jason darts back to his house

*as Jason arrives he notices dad and his brother are out probity at dinner…Jason quickly runs upstairs takes off his clothes and gets in the shower and gets out after a few minutes and gets dressed and gel up his hair and puts some deodorant and quickly hops back into his car and looks at the time*

“Damn! 8:47…wait FUCK I don’t know where she lives…huh? *looks in his pocket* what the hell her address? She’s sneaky…”Jason says while fallowing the directions

*as Jason pulls up in the drive way he notices 3 other cars must be a small party…as he goes to knock the door one of the women open it and looks startled at him*

“Oh, hello? Didn’t know any boys where coming” the strange girl says

“uh,..yeah um Katie told me to come” Jason says slightly confused

Oh shit I hope I don’t have the wrong house or it’s a set-up…

“HAY! There you are!” Katie says walking toward the door “come in come in!”

*Jason walks inside and sees only 4 girls no guys…surprised all of them look like there wearing extra skimpy clothes one of them you can see the nipples popping right out…as he walks in 2 of the girls come walking over as Katie leaves*

“Hay…Katie where you going?” Jason says slightly frightened

“oh, to get you a drink silly” she says while walking into the kitchen

Damn…there going to liquor me up hehe…or them…

“Hay there sexy, I hurd your our “entertainment” for the night” one of Katie’s friends says

“Yeah, I can’t wait to see your skills” the other friend of Katie’s exclaims

“uhh…uhh…yeah i’ll do my best” Jason says not understanding or taking it the wrong way

*as they walk away giggling Jason walks over and sits on the couch next to one of Katie’s depressed friends*

“hay, what’s wrong? It’s a party you should lighten up” Jason says talking to her

*the girl just turns her head and sighs looking away, after a few more minutes of trying Jason just gives up and walks into the kitchen waiting to see what’s taking Katie so long and before he knows it he’s jumped by 2 women…the 2 crazy women that he talked too. And before he can do anything they duct tape his hands his eyes and his mouth shut and drag him up to her bed room and throws him on top of her bed before taking off the duct tape on his eyes*

“Well well well…looks like we got our entertainment all ready and tied” one of Katie’s hyper friends says

*Jason tries muffling a few words but cant say anything dew too the duct tape*

oh my god holy shit what’s going to happen are they going to kill me? Or…or they…holy shit

“yeah, he’s really sexy too isn’t he I picked him good at the restaurant huh” Katie says taking off her shirt slowly
*as she finishes takeing off the shirts the other 2 girls giggle franticly then walk over to Jason and stroke his hair slowly then slowly slide there fingers down his face and to his shirt buttons undoing them ever so slowly, as Katie finishes up she puts the duct tape back over jasons eyes and smiles*

“now now…we don’t want you to see us nude now do we” Katie says while giggling

*Jason starts blushing and sweating deeply not knowing what’s happening, all of a sudden he feels a pair of lips slowly touch his and a tongue slide in slowly not knowing what to do he kisses back deeply playing with her tongue softly*

“ nipples are all hard Katie…let me have a go!” one of Katie’s friends says

*Jason listens...carefully*

Whoa, I must be kissing Katie! She has such soft lips…

*as Katie stops kissing him she slowly starts undoing his pants then quickly slides them off and looks at his hudge erection and she giggles*

“Look girls! He’s hard and he’s pretty big too!” One of Katie’s friends reply’s

*all the girls giggle then Jason feels his boxers slide down slowly after a few more giggles he feels the hot blowing of not 1 not 2 but 3 women blowing on it, Jason shudders rolling onto his side*

“Hay now!. Guess im going to have to get the rope” Katie says while walking into the closet and grabbing some fine vinyl rope then takes his arms and takes off the duct tape and ties him to the posts on the bed

Holy shit…there really into bondage…I’m guess I’m going to be here for a while…

*as Katie comes back Jason feels a warm liquid go over his throbbing cock*

“hehe, its banana my favorite…” one of Katie’s friends says

*Katie walks over and looks down then measures his cock*

“himmm…he’s at least 8inches long” she says while starting to measure the width “and 4 inches thick”

*the girls gasp then giggle, then Jason moves around making the bed move a little In anticipation then feels a hot warm mouth slide down over the head of his cock Jason moans deeply as she slowly does down on the length of his cock*

“mmmmm….” Jason says mumbling threw the tape
*Katie giggles then Straddles his chest and looks down*

“awww..poor baby is all tied up and cant do anything” Katie says while giggling then taking off his tape on his mouth then slowly sitting on top of his face

*as Katie sits on his face Jason feels a pair of hot warm large lips hit his face…really hot as she starts to move around on his face…expecting him to do something…he sticks out his tongue and starts moving it around franticly, as Katie starts moaning Jason finally realizes he’s eating out Katie!*

“ohhh, yess lick my hot pussy…your tongue feels so good” Katie says while watching the other 2 lick and suck Jason’s cock franticly

*Jason continues to lick slowly doing the ABC’s on Katie’s hot now dripping wet pussy, while Katie’s friends Nicole and Casey are devouring his cock which he now learned there names from Katie saying it*

“oohh ohh common let me suck on it…its your turn to lick his balls!” Casey says eagerly to Nicole

*Jason moans when Nicole releasesthe warm grip from his cock and moves to his nuts while Casey switches she licks slowly…mixing her saliva and Jason’s pre-cum together on top of his cock then slowly starts deep throating it taking in his full length*

“mmmmm….mhmhhmmmm ” Jason mumbles feeling his cock get eaten by this girl almost being unable to focus on Katie’s great tasting cunt

*As Jason continues he feels Katie slowly shudder and shake on his face as she starts her orgasm…he drives his tongue deep into he throbbing pussy as she squirts he cum onto his tongue she squeezes her pussy onto it then when she’s done she climbs off him slowly and kisses him*

“oh, Jason that felt so awesome here let me take off your eye tape of your eyes” Katie says while taking it off

Sweet I’m finally goanna be able to see them…

*as she takes it off Jason sees 4 women 3 naked 1 standing next to him and 2 taking his cock like nothing and 1 sitting on the side watching. Slowly sliding her finger up and down on her cloths over her pussy*

“Holy shit, im going to cum soon” Jason says twisting and turning shaking the bed

*Casey keeps deep throating Jason’s now saliva covered, pre-cum coated, banana flavored cock until Nicole takes one of Jason’s nuts into her mouth and sucks it that’s when Jason can’t take it anymore*
“Oh Shit!” Jason says starting his orgasm

*Casey takes her mouth of his cock quickly and strokes it franticly while Katie and Nicole kneel in front of him waiting for there reward*

“Ughhhh!” Jason moans loud squirting load after load of hot white cum from his cock onto there faces and in there mouths

*as Jason finishes up his huge orgasm Katie and Nicole start kissing trading what cum they had back and forth as Jason’s cock shrinks and the girls swallow there loads they all stand over Jason*

“5 minutes to recover then its round 2 for you” Katie says while all the girls giggle and go down stairs except the one sitting at the end which now is halfway naked her top still on but her lower off

“Hay…whats wrong wont you join in…im open for you if you want” Jason says looking at the sad girl

“a..are you…s..sure…” she looks away for a moment “ just…re…really shy

*Jason smiles and signals that its ok as she walks over she takes off her top and bra and slowly strokes his cock getting it hard again then she stands up and straddles right next to it*

“You…sure your r..ready?” She says

“yeah” Jason nods

*the girl stands up and lowers her self slowly onto his cock then with a pop goes onto it as she screams in pain Jason gets wide eyed*

“Holy shit! You’re a virgin?!” Jason says mad and excited

“Yeah..ow!...yes..ohh…ow…ohhh yes….” She says starting to feel the pain subside

“Next…uh…time…uh…tell me..oohh…” Jason says while she starts a slow pace on his cock

*The girl speeds up quickly as Jason starts providing counter balance thrusts every time she comes down onto his hard cock, Jason and the girl start moaning and she mentions her name Jason finally knowing*

“Oh oh oh….fuck me fuck Carlie harder Jason! Oh yes! Oh oh your cock fills me up” Carlie says moving faster and faster on each pump

*Jason starts feeling the tension build up in his balls as Carlie seeds up faster and faster…he virgin walls already too much for him*

“oh…shit…carlie your…so tight…i..i wont last much longer” Jason says stopping his counterbalancing afraid to blow his load to soon

“Oh yes…cum in me baby I need you’re cum….” Carlie says speeding up more and more

*Carlie starts shaking uncontrollably and she slams her self completely on top of Jason and rocks back on forth on this cock getting ready to cum all over it*

“I’m cumming!” Jason says as she starts his orgasm

“Cum in me now!” Carlie screams as she creams all over Jason’s cock and down his thighs as Jason cums deep inside of her load after load

*Carlie falls on top of Jason asleep as Jason is panting for breath his still hard prick inside of her as the girls giggle down stairs and finally come back up and all smirk when they look at the couple*

“awwww….” Katie says smiling

“Sorry…she just. Well looked so lonely…”Jason says still trying to move from the rope

“ah…ah…ah…I don’t think so you may be wasted but we aren’t you still got 3 more women to pleasure…” Katie says while setting down her drink

Oh great this night is going to be one hella long and good night to remember….
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